Janome 2200xt Sewing Machine Review 2023 - 2024

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Janome 2200xt Sewing Machine Review 2020 – 2021

Today we're writing a review on the Janome 2200xt, which is a beautiful white and teal accent coloured sewing machine ideal for home use. Not too heavy nor too light, we really enjoyed using and testing this one. It is packed with a load of great features, all at a very affordable price. We asked one of our fabrics and upholstery specialists, Jan, to test out and give a thorough review too, so read on to find out more.

Janome 2200XT Sewing Machine


Generally from using this product, we'd say it is beginner friendly for sure- there are enough stitch types and features to ensure you don't feel limited with your options, yet it is still perfect for use when you improve and move onto more complex projects.

  • Variety and Versatility: When buying a sewing machine, many people often look straight at the number of stitch patterns it has. This model has a total of 22 stitches, which is pretty awesome given its affordability. We love this feature actually, because it makes it perfect for beginner and advanced use, as well as giving you more liberty to create stunning designs with your sewing projects. The 2200XT can do it all- straight stitching, zig-zag stitches, blind hems, stretch stitches as well as overlock. You can do pretty much anything with the 2200XT, even embroidery projects.
  • Ease of Use: We love how easy and stress-free it feels to use the Janome 2200XT . Often, with many advanced Brother machines, it can get so confusing with all those random dials, buttons and charts. This product is a lot simpler to comprehend, again making it perfect for beginners. This particular sewing machine is mechanical rather than electrical / computerised, which helps a lot when you're new to sewing. Even advanced users can struggle when using computerised machines! We love how all the dials and controls are within quick reach, so changing between stitches, speeds and pressures will become a breeze. While, unlike some other sewing machines we've seen, there are no colour coded systems in place for needle threading, the overall usage of this machine is designed to be simple enough for beginners to use. The included instruction manual explains everything you need to know for using it properly, but don't hesitate to hit it into youtube for further clarity through visual aid. The speed control and ease that you feel when using the Janome 2200XT is unmatched.
  • 4-Step Buttonhole: This product features an automatic 4-step buttonhole, which gives this machine the ability to perform straightforward sewing. There is also a maximum stitch width and length setting, the former of which is 4mm and the latter 5mm.
  • Portable: Weighing only a mere 6kg, the Janome 22XT still maintains quality by being being heavy enough to give the illusion of a well-built, up-market product. The lightness also ensures it is portable, which is a great characteristic with Janome implemented in the design. Another advantage of portability is that you can easily carry the 2200XT to sewing classes or other people's houses if you are transporting your sewing projects from one location to another- great for textiles students!
  • Various Presser Feet: This machine comes with 6 snap-on feet attachments which cater for a variety of sewing jobs. Included are: 1 standard foot, a hemming foot, overcasting foot, zipper foot, sliding buttonhole foot and a satin stitch foot. This enhanced variety adds even more to the aspect of value for money with this great price tag, saving you from paying a bomb for all these additional feet attachment. If you already have a selection of pressure feet, how about some backups? Everyone loves a good spare.
  • A front-loading Bobbin
  • Length and Width adjustments: The width is not variable on the Janome 2200XT, however there is a dial for alternating between stitch lengths. This is great for beginners, but perhaps a downside for those of you in search of a machine to facilitate complicated projects.
  • Don't bother the Dog! This machine has a feed-dog dropping facility. We explain what a feed-dog refers to in this article.

Janome 2200XT Sewing Machine

What's Included

Standard accessories included with the purchase of the Janome 2200xt are:

  • Pedal foot control
  • 6 extra Snap-On Feet for variable stitch type (Basic standard, Overcasting, Satin Stitch foot, hemmer foot, Zipper foot, Sliding Buttonhole)
  • 4 Bobbins
  • A set of needles
  • Seam Ripper
  • Hem Guide
  • Oil (yeah- literally everything you'd possibly need!)
  • 2 Screwdrivers (we rest our case)
  • A soft cover for storage

Janome 2200XT Sewing Machine

Item Specifics

Brand: Janome

Model Number: 2200XT

Colour: White

Item Dimensions: 43.6cm x 34.5cm x 22.6cm

Item Weight: 6kg

Shipping Weight: 7.1kg

If you have any difficulties with using this machine, simply bang into youtube for a video on Janome sewing machine instructions. In addition, make sure you use the correct needle for your projects. We discuss in our articles the consequences of using the incorrect needle, so be sure to browse our site for articles discussing needle types, selecting the correct one and the needle sizing system.

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  • No Width Adjustment Dial: The only flexibility you get with the 2200XT is the stitch style really- there is no option to select width variations, which is what you'll be missing out on with the purchase of this machine. If you are a beginner however, this isn't an issue, as many often start of their sewing journey by practising different material projects and stitch styles before moving on to lengths and widths. That said, there is a dial to alternate between stitch lengths with this machine.
  • No Needle Threader: Slightly tricky for newbies is threading the needle, which this machine can't unfortunately help you with. We did find, however, that this particular model isn't too hard to get to to grips with threading. Ease of use is truly in favour for beginners with the Janome 2200XT. For help with threading machines and needles, see threading janome sewing machine 2200XT.

Top Points

  • Value for Money: By far the most commendable strong point of the Janome 2200XT is it's great value for money. You get so much for a very affordable price, making it a total bargain. You can also have this shipped fast if you buy through Amazon, but generally, this is an affordable machine if bought in-store too. Bear in mind that in-store purchases will have all those sneaky tax and rent costs included, while buying it online only has the delivery fee- which can be avoided entirely if bought using prime. We bought our model in store.
  • Beginner Friendly: This will be your best friend if you're new to stitching- it is very easy to use, thread and control in comparison to other sewing machines, and the functionality is kept simple for your clarity and practise. You don't even need to fork out any more cash because this product has everything you need included, and will assist you right up until you become a very experienced sewing-master! Even then it won't become irrelevant.
  • Portable: You'll be able to take your projects everywhere you want, so don't worry about scheduling time out to stay at home for projects. This makes it ideal for you design or textiles students.

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The Final Verdict

We asked our sewing machine pro, Jan, to say a few words about this model too. Jan has worked with various companies, both small and grand scale- her experience and expertise lies with both home sewing machines and industrial ones.

" First of all, I absolutely love the colour. Good quality products don't need to be boring! I really love that accent teal shade there. In this price range, this is actually one of the best sewing machine models I've seen. To be quite honest, it has more functionality than a lot of these fancy pricey branded machines. Gosh. The presser foot gives a decent amount of pressure, making it ideal for these beginner users. It will give increased sewing speed control. I like how it comes with a seam ripper included too, also that sliding buttonhole foot. Actually, this is the ultimate beginners choice due to its affordability, features and control. Even when you do progress and improve, there is still a lot of variety available for more complicated projects. It's actually a machine I would consider purchasing, and I sew on a professional, industrial scale! I'd say for great value of money, this machine is the one you're looking for honestly. Yes, it does lack the heavy, expensive feel of more designer, branded machines, but a great first choice. I would be one happy customer with purchasing this."

Based on our review points:

Appearance: 8 / 10

Functionality: 8.5 / 10

Value for Money: 10 / 10

Janome 2200XT Sewing Machine
  • 22 stiches plus a 4-step button hole
  • Maximum stitch width 4mm, maximum stitch length 5mm
  • Foot controller
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Soft cover



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