Best Sewing Machines For Quilting - Top Compared 2019 - 2020

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Looking for the best sewing machines available on the market today in the UK can be quite a challenge, but if you are trying to find the best sewing machine for quilting and embroidery, this can be even more difficult.

You do not necessarily need a bespoke model for quilting specifically, but investing in a quilting machine is a great idea if you plan to do a lot of quilting. You can do regular sewing projects on a quilting machine, but you cannot necessarily do all your quilting on a regular sewing machine.

Finding a quilting machine that supports free motion embroidery and can sew heavy duty fabrics is an absolute must if you want your quilting and embroidery projects to have that special professional looking finish to them.

Which sewing machines are the best for quilting and free motion embroidery? If you choose one of the sewing embroidery machines from our list, you will have made a good decision.

Keep reading to see which sewing machine is best for quilting projects.

Best Quilting Machines

Brother Innov-is 15

Brother 4977766712637 - Innov-is 15 Electronic Sewing Machine - 16 Stitching Types

Brother is well known throughout the whole world for creating innovative, well designed models for a variety of different projects.

The Brother Innov-is is a state of the are sewing machine for embroidery and quilting that will have your quilting projects looking professionally done in no time.

This electronic sewing machine for quilting features 16 built in stitches that can be used on virtually any fabric. The LCD screen on the front of the quilting machine shows the stitch type and length and width of the stitch; all of these features can be easily adjusted on the LCD screen as well.

The Innov-is also has a top loading bobbin and an automatic needle threader to save the user both time and frustration.

Needle position and sewing speed can be adjusted from the front of the machine. Having sewing speed adjustments at your fingertips is especially important for free motion embroidery and quilting.

Brother 4977766712637 - Innov-is 15 Electronic Sewing Machine - 16 Stitching Types

This sewing machine gives you the option of working without a foot pedal altogether.

The Innov-is 15 features a one step buttonhole with the choice of three styles. With a seven piece feed dog system, this particular model can handle just about any fabric type, and can even sew several layers of fabric at once.

The accessory tray on the Innov-is slides off and converts into a free arm. This makes sewing cylindrical garment pieces like trouser legs or cuffs a total breeze.


  • Customers have raved about how easy this particular model is to set up.
  • The Innov-is 15 is very durable and can handle heavy duty fabrics and layers of fabric with ease.
  • Compared to other quilting machines, the Innov-is 15 is extremely affordable.
Brother 4977766712637 - Innov-is 15 Electronic Sewing Machine - 16 Stitching Types


  • This machine is not suited to beginners.
  • The stitch selection on this sewing machine for quilting may leave seasoned sewers wanting more.

If you are looking for a reliable quilting machine on a budget, look no further than the Brother Innov-is 15. It is one of the best quilting models on the market today.


Brother FS100WT

Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine, White

Brother makes some of the best sewing machines for quilting.

The Brother FS100WT is a computerised machine that includes 100 built in stitches, including eight different buttonholes (including some one step buttonholes), and even an alphabet set. These selections of built in stitches will keep you very busy with your quilting and embroidery projects.

This particular quilting machine is perfect for free motion embroidery and quilting. It even comes with a free motion walking foot for embroidery as well as an extension table for more working space.

If you remove the extension table from this particular sewing machine is extremely lightweight. This makes it easy to store away and take to and from sewing classes.

Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine, White

Purchase of the FS100WT comes with eight presser feet including an all purpose foot, a zipper foot, an overcast stitch foot, a monogramming foot, a blind stitch foot, a buttonhole foot, a button sewing foot, and a walking foot. You will be able to finish most of your projects with the foot selection provided with the FS100WT.

This quilting machine features a start and stop button on its body as well as a speed control slider. This means that you can operate the machine and adjust sewing speed with these buttons rather than using the foot pedal. This particular device stitches very quickly when the speed is set at its maximum.

Using these control instead of the foot pedal gives you much more added control when quilting. For example, you can slow down the sewing speed when you reach particularly tricky areas of your project.

The FS100WT includes a top loading bobbin as well as an automatic needle threader. Both of these features will save you time and frustration while you are working with your sewing machine.

This particular model features a clear LCD screen that displays the stitches, and the stitches' lengths, and widths.


  • This is an extremely affordable machine.
  • The instructional booklet that comes with this model is very easy to read and understand.
  • Speed control with this particular model is right at you fingertips with the sewing speed slider.
Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine, White


  • The cover that comes with purchase of this sewing machine does not fit it very well.
  • Although this particular model includes stitches for alphabet characters, the size of the characters are fixed.

The Brother FS100WT provides the avid quilter with a great deal for money spent. It is a reliable sewing machine that will keep you quilting for years and years to come. Brother is the best in the business!


Portable Sewing Machine

Portable Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal, 12 Stitches 2 Speed Heavy Duty Sew Machine, Electric Handheld Quilting Embroidery Overlock Quick Sewing Machine Household Sewing Tool

If budget is your main concern in your search for a quilting machine, then perhaps consider this model. It is significantly cheaper than the other two models on our list and certainly can get most jobs done.

This particular quilting machine is not meant for avid quilters; however, if you are someone who sews often who is looking to try quilting, this is a great place to start.

This particular sewing machine includes 12 built in stitches. Though this is quite a limited selection compared to some other models, it is enough to get you started on quilting.

A very bright LED light shines on the work area on this sewing machine so that you can keep an eye on every detail, no matter which project you happen to be working on.

One of the most unique features on this sewing machine is that it has an overlock function. Overlocking is especially important when it comes to garment making and quilting.

Portable Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal, 12 Stitches 2 Speed Heavy Duty Sew Machine, Electric Handheld Quilting Embroidery Overlock Quick Sewing Machine Household Sewing Tool

There is a handy built in drawer on this particular sewing machine which is great for holding all of your sewing extras like thread, bobbins, and needles.

This particular model is threaded and ready to go straight from the box.


  • Even though this is just a normal sewing machine, it can sew heavy duty fabrics like canvas and denim.
  • This sewing machine is very lightweight and portable.
  • This machine is perfect for children and beginners alike.
Portable Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal, 12 Stitches 2 Speed Heavy Duty Sew Machine, Electric Handheld Quilting Embroidery Overlock Quick Sewing Machine Household Sewing Tool


Over all, this small portable sewing machine is the best for beginners and children. It can handle very basic quilting among other types of projects.


What is Quilting?

If you are an avid sewer that is looking to learn more about quilting, then it is important to know what quilting exactly is.

Machine quilting is accomplished by stitching through layers of fabric and batting to create a warm blanket. Some of the stitches utilised in machine quilting replicate hand stitches.

There are typically three layers to every quilt: the top quilt, the batting, and the backing fabric. These are temporarily tacked together with safety pins or basting spray.

Most quilters use a walking foot to stitch in a straight line. Using the walking foot instead of a normal presser foot avoids fabric puckering.

Free motion quilting stitches layers of a quilt together with the feed dogs lowered so that they do not advance the fabric themselves. The quilter must move the fabric through the sewing machine themselves when doing free motion quilting.

Quilting Machines vs. Sewing Machines

Just what are the differences between quilting machines and sewing machines?

The most significant difference between sewing machines and quilting machines is the amount of work space provided. A quilting machine will typically have a much larger work area compared to a regular sewing machine.

Because quilters have different needs than traditional sewers do, the feet that are required for quilting models are different as well. Some options that quilters may need to invest in are a quarter inch foot, a free motion foot, and a walking foot.

Quilting models typically have more decorative built in stiches than a similar sewing machine might have. Some machines have more than 200 built in stitches.

Most quilting models also feature a faster sewing speed compared to traditional sewing models.

What to Look for in a Quilting Machine

Buying your first quilting machine can be quite overwhelming, so there are a few important features to keep in mind when looking for the perfect model to fit your needs.


If you plan to store your machine away between uses or take it to and from quilting classes, you definitely want to find a smaller, more lightweight machine. Because quilting machines are typically heavier than normal sewing machines thanks to the extra work area, this is a difficult feature to find.

Always check the weight and dimensions of sewing machines for quilting before you buy them, especially if you happen to be buying online.


The range of built in stitches is an especially important part of a sewing machine when it comes to quilting. While having a huge stitch selection is not necessary, think about what your projects will require before making a decision.

The three main stitches that most quilters use are the straight stitch, the zig zag stitch, and the blanket stitch. You would be surprised at just how much you can make with these three stitches alone.

Additional Features

Drop In Bobbin System

Having a drop in bobbin system is not just a helpful feature on machines for quilting, but it can be a blessing on all types of sewing machines. Most of the best sewing machines on the market today will feature a drop in bobbin system.

Speed Control

Having the speed control at your fingertips is always a nice feature on a quilting machine. When quilting, you will need to slow down or speed up the stitching speed, so having a speed control slider is one of the best and most convenient features you can have on a sewing machine.

Free Arm

Chances are that you will use your sewing machine more more than just quilting. Having a free arm on your quilting machine will add so much more versatility to your projects.

If you find yourself dressmaking, having a free arm is absolutely vital. You need one of these features to sew cylindrical garment pieces like cuffs, collars, and trouser legs.

Thread Cutting

Although it is definitely not a necessary accessory, having a machine with an automatic thread cutter is a small luxury. The best quilting models with have them included.

Needle Positioning

If you plan to buy a quilting machine, make sure that it has the capability of positioning the needle to the left or right of the middle position. This special feature allows you to quilt in increments from the edge of the stitching foot you are using.

A 'needle up or down' button also comes in handy on a quilting machine. Using the button for the needle down position when you stop stitching is a must for machine applique or machine quilting. This way, you fabric will not shift underneath your needle so you can turn corners and rotate your quilt top with ease.

Feed Dogs

Check to see if the sewing machine has a switch around back that allows you to lower the feed dogs. This feature is much easier to use than having to use an additional cover to place over them while you machine quilt.

Automatic Needle Threader

Automatic needle threaders are becoming more and more commonplace on newer sewing machines for quilting, however you should still check to see if your new model comes with one. An automatic needle threader will save you a ton of time and frustration while sewing.

Thread Capacity

Look for a quilting machine has can hold large spools of thread, as quilting typically uses up more thread than more traditional sewing projects do. If a quilting machine can hold entire cones of thread, that is even better.

Work Space

When is comes to sewing machines for quilting, the more work area, the better.

Some devices come with extension tables to increase the work space and some have the option for you to purchase additional extend beds.


There are a few sewing feet that you absolutely must have if you want to be a quilter. You will need a 1/4 foot, a walking foot, and a darning foot.

Some sewing machines will come free with all of these feet, and some will not. Make sure that you can get these three types of feet before you purchase your sewing machine.

Best in Show- Brother Innov-is 15

Sewing machine embroidery and quilting is a wonderful craft, and the best machine to help you create beautiful project is the Brother Innov-is 15 sewing machine. This machine from Brother is sturdy, well constructed, and impeccably designed for free motion embroidery and quilting.

This sewing machine comes with just enough built in stitches so that you can put your unique stamp on any sewing project. It comes with several presser feet included, included a walking foot.

This quilting model supports free motion embroidery and even includes helpful features like one step buttonholes. From its stitches to its added accessories, the Brother Innov-is 15 truly is the best affordable quilting machine on the market today in the UK.

When it comes to budget and how well the machine stitches quilts, the Brother Innov-is15 is the best model available today for sale.



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