Best Budget Sewing Machines Under £100 Reviews 2021 - 2022

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Budget Sewing Machine Is The Megle Sewing Machine!

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Best Affordable Sewing Machines For Under £100 - Which Are Worth Your Money

Finding an affordable machine that suits your specific needs can be quite a daunting task. Sewing machines have numerous features, and things can begin to feel overwhelming once these features grow in number.

If budget is a main concern in buying a new sewing machine, do not worry. You will be able to find a sturdy and easy to use sewing machine for under 100 pounds.

Once you know what you are looking for in terms of features, built in stitches, speed control, and types of feet, you will be able to narrow down which is the best sewing machine under 100 pounds for you and your needs.

Whether you will use your new machine for quilting, garment making, or embroidery, the ones on this list are great choices.

Which sewing machines are the best for under 100 pounds? Keep reading to find out!

Best Budget Sewing Machines

Megle Budget Sewing Machine (Editor's Choice)

If you are searching for an affordable sewing machine that can do a little bit of everything, this Megle model might just be your best pick. Whether you just need to hem a pair of trousers or you want to make your own garments, this particular sewing machine will get the job done.

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Unlike other budget sewing machines, this Megle model is super durable because it is constructed with a stainless steel aluminium alloy skeleton. Most sewing machines in this price range have a less durable plastic skeleton.

This sewing machine comes complete with a total of 16 built in stitches. They include decorative stitches, blind hem stitches, zigzag stitches, and stretch stitches.

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This particular device is fitted with some great features that are definitely a must if you plan on using it every day. It supports double thread sewing and has a handy speed control dial as well.

You can also do both forward and reverse sewing with this sewing machine. It includes an automatic thread rewind feature and has an extendable free arm that is perfect for sewing trouser legs, collars, and sleeves.

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This Megle sewing machine also has a built in light so you can always have a good look at the part of the project you are working on. It also includes a four step buttonhole option to give your garments a professional finish.

The sewing machine comes with an automatic needle threader as well as an automatic bobbin winder. These features are difficult to find on budget sewing machines, so it is a pleasant surprise that this Megle model has both.

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This machine sews at a maximum speed of 450 stitches per minute, which may not be fast enough for an experienced user, but is great for beginner and intermediate users.

Purchase of this sewing machine comes with an all purpose foot, a threader, a replacement needle, two thread spools, two metal bobbins, an AC adapter, and an instruction manual.

This machine is designed for a wide range of users. It is the best sewing machine under 100 pounds because beginners and experts alike will be able to create beautiful projects on this machine.

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  • This sewing machine is extremely easy to set up and the instruction manual is easy to read and understand.
  • Megle provides free technical support via online chat or phone for the entire life of your machine

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  • Some customers have complained that the needles that are included with the purchase of this sewing machine are weak and break very easily
  • This machine does not have a drop in bobbin or additional feet like a zipper foot
  • This model is not suited to heavy duty sewing

All in all, this budget sewing machine from Megle provides an excellent bang for you buck. It has everything you need to get started on your sewing journey plus a few fun extras.

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Haitral Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner at sewing and you are intimidated by sewing machines with tons of functions, consider this Haitral sewing machine. This mini model is a great starter machine and has just enough features to get you started.

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This sewing machine is super lightweight and portable which makes it perfect for taking to and from sewing classes. If you plan to taking your sewing machine with you on the go, this model is a great option.

Another feature which makes it even more portable is the fact that it can be operated with four AA batteries. If you do not have access to an electrical outlet, you can still get to sewing.

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This machine has two speed options and lets the user choose between using a hand control or foot pedal to control the speed. Starting with a hand control is vital for beginners, and many other advanced sewing machines may not provide this particular option.

Although this sewing machines only has one stitch type, that is really all you need to get started with sewing.

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This Haitral machine features an automatic bobbin winder, which is quite a surprise considering this is such a small, affordable sewing machine. It also has a drop in bobbin, which is such a great time saving feature.

Purchase of this budget Haitral sewing machine comes with a one year product warranty as well.

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  • This Haitral machine is quite easy to thread and operate once you set it up
  • This particular device features automatic bobbin winding which makes this chore quick and efficient
  • A bright LED bulb illuminates the work space on this sewing machine

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  • This sewing machine cannot handle heavier fabrics like leather or denim
  • There is only one stitch option on this machine
  • This model is not suited to heavy duty sewing

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If you are new to sewing and do not want to spend a large amount of money on your first sewing machine, this budget Haitral model is a great option. It is a great machine to learn the art of sewing on and does not have an overwhelming amount of features.

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Liheya Household Sewing Machine

Another affordable option for beginners is the Liheya household sewing machine. This model has a few more features than the Haitral model does.

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This machine comes in both blue and pink, so you can choose which colour you like best before buying. This is a nice little additional feature because most models of machines only come in one colour.

This is a portable machine which means it is perfect if you intend to take sewing classes outside your home. Bring it to and from class with ease.

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Whether you intend to use this sewing machine at your personal workstation or in a public class setting, it can truly be taken anywhere. Weighing in at only 2.7 kg, you can take this device anywhere.

Another feature that adds to its portability is that it can be powered by plugging it into an electrical outlet and also with four AA batteries.

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This Liheya sewing machine features two speed, a double thread, and 12 unique built in stitches. Purchase of this sewing machine comes with four needles, one needle threader, one foot pedal, and one buttonhole presser.

An LED light is built into the body of this sewing machine to illuminate the work area. This cuts down on eye strain and allows the user to see every detail of the area they are currently working on.

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This Liheya sewing machine features an automatic bobbin winder as well as an automatic needle threader. Both of these features are a must if you intend to sew on a regular basis.

Though this sewing machine is small, it is mighty. This particular model can handle some heavier fabrics like denim and leather and can even sew through five layers of cotton fabric at once.

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  • This sewing machine is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to store away and easy to bring to and from sewing classes.
  • This machine can be used comfortably by beginners and experts alike
  • This machine supports reverse sewing

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  • Some customers have complained that this sewing machine is difficult to thread even when using the automatic needle threader
  • This model is not suited to heavy duty sewing

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This Liheya sewing machine is the perfect affordable option for the avid crafter in your life. It can tackle small and large jobs alike and will keep you sewing for years and years to come.

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Gunolye Sewing Machine

Another extremely affordable sewing machine on our list is the Gunolye sewing machine. This multifunctional device includes more features that some of the more simple ones on our list do.

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These Gunolye sewing machines include a free arm that helps in sewing trouser legs, collars, and sleeves. This device features two sewing speeds and has 12 built in stitches.

This particular device is sturdy, durable, and portable. It can be powered via an electrical outlet of with four AA batteries which makes it perfect for taking to and from sewing classes.

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This device has anti slip pads on its base to ensure that it stays firmly in place during operation. With a built in LED light, you can see all the little details of your project without the fear or eye strain.

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There is a small metric ruler printed on the body of the machine itself to facilitate the user with measuring. It also has a small drawer in the sewing machine body that you can keep little sewing accessories stored in.

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This Gunolye machine has automatic and manual tension control and also can do reverse sewing.

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  • This sewing machine is the most affordable one on our list
  • This Gunolye machine is lightweight, compact, and durable
  • This machine is perfectly suited to beginners

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  • Some customers have complained that this sewing machine has a proclivity for breaking needles during operation
  • Some have noticed that this sewing machine gets jammed quite often
  • This model is not suited to heavy duty sewing

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If you are looking for the best sewing machine for beginners, this one just might be it. It is easy to use and can keep even experts entertained with its 12 stitches and multiple features.

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Aonesy Sewing Machine

This Aonesy machine is another budget device that can be used be beginners and experts alike. Even kids can comfortably and safely use this machine!

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The Aonesy machine has 12 built in stitches which is more than enough for most sewing projects.

This sewing machine includes anti slip feet on its base to ensure that it does not go anywhere when it is being used. This is a nice safety feature, especially if children are going to be using the device.

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This particular Aonesy device is very lightweight and compact, which makes it very easy to store away, even if you do not have a ton of space. It also makes it portable, which is a must if you intend to take it from place to place.

Another great feature of this sewing machine is that is can be powered via an electrical outlet or with four AA batteries. This adds to its portability and makes bringing it to and from sewing class a total breeze.

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The Aonesy machine has a built in LED light to illuminate your workspace. Whether you are quilting or garment making, having a well lit work area is super important.

Backstitching is possible and easy with this machine. Simply press the backstitch button in order to make several stitches in the opposite direction.

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This device features automatic bobbin winding and both manual and automatic thread tightness.

Purchase of this Aonesy machine comes with a thread cutter, a large bobbin spindle, top and bottom bobbins, needles, and a threader.

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  • Being able to operate this machine with an electrical source or with batteries makes it extremely portable
  • The Aonesy model is very easy to set up and operate
  • This model is suited to children and adults alike

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  • Some buyers have complained that this particular models jams often
  • This model does not include a free arm
  • This model is not suited to heavy duty sewing

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Overall, the Aonesy sewing machine comes at a low price and is a perfect model to learn sewing on. It can be used by both beginners and experts and will serve you and your household for years and years to come.

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What to Look for in a Sewing Machine

Sewing machines that are under 100 pounds are limited in the amount of features that they have. Consider which aspects are the most important for you before you spend money on a budget sewing machine.


Budget is of course your main concern, especially when looking for a sewing machine at a reasonable price.

The more bells and whistles a machine has, the higher its price will be. If you are a beginner or even if you are an intermediate sewer, you probably do not need all of the features available on a deluxe machine.

Check the price, check the features, and you will be happy with your purchase. Keep in mind that the best sewing machine for you may not be the fanciest or most expensive and that is okay.

Built In Needle Threader

This feature should be at the top of your list when looking for a machine that is low price. This is one of those features that will make your life so much easier down the line when it comes to sewing.

A needle threader will save you tons of time and trouble. This add-on is especially vital if you have poor eyesight or if your hands are not that steady.

Top Loading Drop In Bobbin

Again, this is a feature that you should look for on machines that are less than 100 pounds. While they are not as important as a needle threader, this type of bobbin can make your life so much easier.

A top loading bobbin is easy to install and wind, but it also allows the user to keep an eye on their amount of thread while they sew.

Free Arm

A free arm allows you to sew narrow and round garment pieces like sleeves, collars, and trouser legs.

If your new sewing machine under 100 pounds does not have a free arm, you will find that sewing these pieces will be extremely difficult.

A free arm is really only necessary if you plan on sewing round, cylindrical pieces for your project. If you do not think you will be making these kinds of things, you can opt for sewing machines that do not have a free arm.


Even with the best sewing machines on a budget, you will not get a ton of stitch options. There are still machines for sewing that include a good number of stitches, however they will usually tend to cost you a little bit extra.

Look for machines that include stitches you know for a fact you will use. You really only need two stitches to sew well: a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch. Most projects can be accomplished with just these two stitches.

If you want a number of decorative stitches, however, you can still find some of the best sewing machines on a budget to accommodate your needs.

In addition to straight and zigzag stitches, look for machines that have a one step buttonhole or a four step buttonhole. This is especially important for garment making. A one step buttonhole is all you need to add a professional finish to all of your garments.

Stretch and knit stitches are essential for sewing with knits. These stitches allow the user to sew through knits and let the thread stretch so they do not break.

Blind hem stitches create invisible hems on skirts and trousers. While this is not completely necessary, they are nice stitches to have if you want to make your own clothing.

Utility stitches are great for securing seams and can also serve as decorative stitches.

The most important thing in regards to stiches to consider when buying a low price sewing machine is which stitches you will actually use. Once you know this, you will be able to better pick a low price sewing machine.


If you want your new machine to last you a while, durability is another aspect to consider.

The best sewing machines will be built around a metal frame. Check for this quality when shopping for the best sewing machine for your needs.

Adjustable Speed Control

Most sewing machines have at least two different sewing speeds. The best sewing machines will have sliding speed controls.


Lighting is incredibly important when sewing. The best sewing machine for you will have a bright light to illuminate your workspace.

Thread Cutter

Some sewing machines will come with a thread cutter attached to their bodies. This adds ease and convenience to your process while sewing.

It is not completely necessary, but maybe one of these features will make any old sewing machine the best sewing machine for you and your needs.


Most sewing machines available for under 100 pounds will only come with one all purpose sewing foot. This may be disappointing, but you can get started with most projects with one all purpose foot.

Of course, the best devices will be compatible with more than one sewing foot. If you will want to sew with different feet in the future, make sure that your low price sewing machine can accommodate them.

Twin Needle

A twin needle allows you to sew with stretch and jersey fabrics with ease. This kind of needle produces two parallel rows of stitching at once.

In order to sew with a twin needle, your machine will need a twin needle facility. This is basically a hole on the top of your machine that is for an extra spool pin. This is where you will put the thread for the second row of stitches.

Most budget machines do not come with a twin needle facility. If you need this add-on, you may need to spend a little bit more money.

The Final Verdict: Megle Budget Sewing Machine

Which sewing machine is best on a budget?

The budget sewing machine from Megle is our pick for the best sewing machine under 100 pounds for some obvious reasons.

First is its price. While it is not the cheapest device on our list, it still comes in under 100 pounds and definitely provides the best value for money spent.

It has a number of features like a needle threader and drop in bobbin. It also has hand sewing speed control and the ability to adapt to different sewing feet like a buttonhole foot or a zipper foot.

This Megle sewing machine also has a metal frame, which contributes to its durability and stability. It sews as fast as 450 stitches per minute and has the most built in stitches of any of the machines under 100 pounds on our list.

From its metal frame to its numerous built in stitches, this Megle sewing machine has the perfect features and is the perfect price for buyers on a budget.

Happy sewing!

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