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Singer S14-78 Review

For those of you who are new to the sewing world, you may not know the difference between a standard sewing machine and an overlocker machine, which may lead you to buy the wrong machine for your needs.

Not only will this review give you a brief run down of the difference between a normal sewing machine and overlockers but will also review a well known overlocker Singer machine, the s14-78 so that you can see if this is the appropriate machine for you.

What Is The Difference Between An Overlocker And A Standard Sewing Machine?

An overlocker (sometimes referred to as a serger) is designed to join the edges of fabrics together using an overcast stitch. At the same time, the machine trims excess fabric to create a neater and more professional looking finish.

This look is accomplished due to the machine using multiple cones of thread at once, all offering different functions.

Overlockers also feature differential feed due to the two sets of feed dogs compared to the standard one set. By using the manual adjustment to change the differential feed you are adjusting the fat of which the front feed dog moves which allows you to move more fabric through the machine at once.

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Do I Have To Buy A Separate Machine To Use An Overlocker?

No, you do not, one of the great things about overlockers is that they can be a built in function on standard machines. While these types of models come with a slightly more expensive price tag, it saves you from paying out for two different machines.

Who Are Singer?

Singer put their customer at the forefront of their designs. As a company known for their high-quality sewing machines, they take great care in designing a machine that works for you regardless of your skill level. Their s14-78 overlocker machine is no different, coming in at a manageable price while still delivering their outstanding, iconic Singer quality, as this review will explain.

What Are The Key Features Of The s14-78?

As explained, overlockers offer more than a standard machine does both technically and skillfully. Singer overlockers are no different.

The Singer s14-78 offers an array of features at an affordable price. One of the main attractions of the machine is its ability to easily stitch various fabrics due to the well designed differential feed. This model is able to work with an array of materials without puckering them or catching them which would not only ruin your fabric but also your project.

An uniquely high positioned presser foot pedal allows you to sew thicker fabrics or multiple layers at once.

It should be noted, however, that while this singer overlocker can easily sew various fabrics, there are specially designed heavy-duty machines available if you wish to use tougher fabrics such as leather. There are an array of models to choose from online if you want to work with more specialised fabrics.

With an overlocker you can usually adjust the cutting width of the fabric you are sewing, however, Singer has taken this one step further so that the upper cutter can be switched off completely meaning that your fabric does not get cut at all. This gives you the ability to customise the machine to better suit your projects or to cut the confusion of cutting your fabric.

Due to the multiple threads that an overlocker uses, manually setting up your machine can be confusing and time consuming. This is why the Singer s14-78 has colour coded threading paths to make the whole process so much easier, especially to beginners who may be put off by the initial threading.

This Singer overlocker includes a free arm which makes sewing difficult places easier such as sleeve cuffs, trouser hems and small projects. This is great for those of you who are more advanced sewers as you are more likely to pick harder to sew projects.

  • Singer 14SH754 - Sewing machine (Overlock, 1 step, 1300rpm, variable).

What Stitches Does This Model Provide?

The high powered motor of this machine provides high speed stitching, producing 1300 stitches per minute which is roughly the speed that professional overlocker machines use.

12 different stitch types come already built in with this machine that works with the option 4, 3 or 2 thread stitching capacity. Included in these stitches are built in rolled hem stitches which offers you more variety when planning your sewing project.

This along with the rest of the stitches can be adjusted by their width and length. Again, this gives you more options when planning your project and also allows you to customise the stitches to your personal preference.

How Well Built Is This Model?

Just like all Singer machines, this model features a metallic heavy duty frame to support the overlocker mechanism with ease. This build also adds stability to your machine so that there are no accidents or mishaps while you are sewing.

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Are There Any Accessories That Come With This Model?

You need not search far for all the necessary accessories you will need when sewing as Singer provide you with everything you may need to get get started. This includes:

  • Easy to read instruction manual with clear and detailed instructions on how to set up your machine.
  • Extra pack of needles
  • Screwdriver for any adjustments you need to make to your machine
  • Allen key for loading new needles into your machine
  • 2 thread overlock converter which gives you the ability to customise the machine as you wish
  • Foot pedal for speed control

How Portable Is This Machine?

The singer s14-78 is easily portable and light weight weighing 8 kilograms. This makes it ideal for beginners who want a machine that can be easily taken to any sewing class you wish to attend.

Another bonus with this machine is how little space it takes up. Usually, overlocker machines can be big and hard to store, however, Singer has considered its domestic customers. This results in the machine only measuring 14 x 11 x 11.5 inches. Here is an article giving you ideas on how to store your machine as well as how to decorate your sewing space.

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Are There Any Common Complaints About The Model?

Even though this overlocker machine is easy to carry, Singer do not provide a cover which means that it could be easily damaged when transporting it. This also means that there is no dust protection.

We recommend looking at different hard cases online if you wish to move your overlocker around often. Even if you do not, it is still advisable to buy a dust cover so that your machine has that extra bit of protection while in storage.

If your funds are limited then you can easily make your own cover by following this tutorial. It is a nice starter project that will keep your sewing mind occupied for a few days.

Is This The Right Machine For Me?

It does matter your skill level, this Singer overlocker was designed to work for both beginners and novices. Not only is this machine affordable but it also comes with essential accessories and easy to use features that allow you to put your skills to use.

Singer's high quality build paired with well designed differential feeds and customisable cutter means that even if the initial design does not suit you, you can adjust it to your needs.

What Other Models Are Available If The Singer s14-78 Doesn't Suit My Needs?

If you feel that this machine just is not for you, Singer offers various overlockers that may be more suited for you.

Or if you are not a big fan of Singer as a brand, then other big sewing brands such as Brother also offer sewing machines. A popular Brother overlocker review can be found here.

Even though the s14-78 is on the cheaper side, there are standard budget sewing machines that may be more suited to your budget, you just will not be able to achieve the overlock finish.

  • Singer 14SH754 - Sewing machine (Overlock, 1 step, 1300rpm, variable).



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