Brother LS14S Sewing Machine Review 2023 - 2024

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Brother LS14S Sewing Machine Review

While there is a vast market for specialised sewing machines such as machines for quilting, there is a bigger market for domestic sewing machines. This is due to the increasing number of DIY goers who want to be able to make their own clothes and crafts in the comfort of their home.

With big-name brands pushing out various machines to suit these growing needs, it can be overwhelming to choose the right sewing machine for you.

This review will outline and give a detailed overview of one of Brother's more well-known sewing machines so that you can decide if it meets your personal needs.


  • Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine

What Are The Key Features Of The LS14S?

As like most of Brother's sewing machines, the LS14S features a traditional metal chassis sewing machine. This not only gives the machine the ability to support all of its internal mechanisms with ease, but the rigid metal frame provides stability to prevent accidents.

A drop in bobbin system means that unlike other methods of loading a bobbin, this machine is jam proof. A clear view cover allows you to see how much of the bobbin is left during sewing, meaning you can plan your time accordingly.

To support the threading, an LED light is provided. As this is an LED light, there is no yellow light to distort the colour or your thread so there are no unexpected surprises once you have finished your project.

Another advantage of an LED light is the fact that you will not have to replace the bulb or replace its batteries so it lasts longer.

The top thread tension can be adjusted easily via the tension dial directly above the needle bar. This gives you the ability to control the strength and the balance of your stitches as and when you need it.

A free arm is provided in order to reach hard to sew areas such as cuffs or sleeves. This offers more diversity to the machine and extends its usefulness to the everyday sewer.

What Stitches Are Included With This Machine?

This machine is equipped with fourteen stitches that aim to help the user to create better and more professionally finished projects. These stitches, while mostly basic and easy to use, also feature key stitches that are used in the dressmaking industry.

Basic stitches include a straight stitch which while the most elementary of stitches, is useful for securing the start and end of seams as well as sewing two pieces of fabric together.

A four step buttonhole stitch helps to create a precisely sewn buttonhole on your fabric of choice, simplifying projects that require such precision.

This machine provides a variety of zig zag stitches which can be used to close open edges of fabrics preventing it from fraying. This is a handy stitch to use during dressmaking or general clothes making projects.

All of the stitches provide for you are easily interchangeable via the clearly marked jog dial located on the front of the machine.

What Accessories Are Included With This Model?

Brother is so confident with their machines that they provide a three year manufactures warranty. This ensures that any breakages with the machine or any new parts that are needed for the machine within these three years are supported through this warranty.

As well as this perk, this model comes with:

  • A zipper foot (which you will find already attached to the machine)
  • A buttonhole foot to ensure perfect buttonholes every time
  • A zipper foot for attaching zippers to clothing
  • Three bobbins, all plastic as metal bobbins will affect the stitch quality and in some cases could damage the machine which would invalidate the three year warranty
  • A disc-shaped screwdriver in case you do not have one to hand
  • Foot control pedal to control the speed of your machine
  • A dust vinyl cover to keep your machine dust free when you are not using it

A well thought out accessory is a DVD that not only works as a guide fo the machine but also offers basic help to beginners who are trying sewing for the first time. This runs through the stitches that the machines provide and what you are able to use them for.

Is Brother A Good Brand To Buy?

Brother has been a well established business for over one hundred years and has been invested in the sewing industry for half that time. While they are now mostly known for their technological solutions in office supplies, they have transferred that technical knowledge over to their sewing machines.

This means that your machine has less chance of breaking or causing simple problems that you may find with other brands as Brother have the innovation and knowledge behind them to implement systems that would prevent this.

What Are Common Issues That Customers Have Found When Buying This Machine?

While there is a detachable front section on the machine, it can not be used for storage due to the compact design. While this does not really affect the machine, it can be a little inconvenient and is kind of a pointless feature. See here for other ways to store your sewing equipment.

Unlike other big brand sewing machines, this model does not come with a carry case or a means to carry it around effortlessly. Instead, they provide a vinyl dust cover that, while keeping the machine dust free, does not protect the machine during travelling.

Is This The Machine For Me?

If you are prone to making clothes then this machine provides the appropriate equipment and necessities needed in order to produce professionally finished work.

With various stitches and an easy to follow instructional DVD, this machine is ideal for those who are new to the sewing world. Not only is this machine easy to set up and use, but it also allows you to learn and test a variety of skills that will allow you to grow as a sewer and craftsperson.

As for those of you who are more advanced sewers, while this machine may not be an industry standard machine, it is a nice little home based piece of equipment to have around.


  • Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine



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