Brother FS210 Pro LED Review 2020 – 2021

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Buying a Sewing Machine

Whether you are a beginner looking to grow your sewing proficiency or an expert working to hone your craft, a sewing machine is a big and important purchase. If you choose the right machine to fit your needs, a sewing machine can be with you for life. If you are happy with your sewing machine, it can last for years and can even be passed on to the next generation. Whether your interests lie in dressmaking, embroidery, or even quilting, there is a sewing machine out there to fit your particular needs.

Brother FS210 Pro LED Computerised Sewing Machine with Extension Table & 3 Year Warranty

Types of Sewing Machines

Before you pull the trigger and purchase your sewing machine, there are a few aspects to consider before you do so. There are several different types of sewing machines, so make sure that you educate yourself about all of those before you spend your money. The different types of sewing machines include:

Brother FS210 Pro LED Computerised Sewing Machine with Extension Table & 3 Year Warranty

  • Electric sewing machines- Basic electric sewing machines contain an electric motor inside the body of the sewing machine itself. This electric motor drives the needle and controls other parts such as the bobbin and the feed dogs (these automatically feed fabric to the machine underneath the needle).
  • Computerized sewing machines- Unlike electric sewing machines, computerized sewing machines are controlled by a pre-programmed computer and operated using a touch-pad and screen.
  • Overlocker sewing machines- Overlocker sewing machines are specifically designed to top fraying to therefore give a professional finish to garments, especially the hems. These are usually utilized in addition to another sewing machine. They neaten seams by trimming while sewing simultaneously.
  • Manual sewing machines- Although manual sewing machines are fading away, some people prefer them to motorized models. Older manual sewing machines are typically not used today.

Knowing which kind of sewing machine you need is the first step to purchasing the perfect one. Most at-home sewers use electric sewing machines, but if you are more professional and think you can handle it, then go with a computerized sewing machine. These factors, along with other ones like budget and accessories, are important to consider when making this big purchase.

Brother FS210 Pro LED Computerised Sewing Machine with Extension Table & 3 Year Warranty

Luckily, we have found the perfect electric sewing machine for crafters of all ages and skill-levels. The Brother FS210 Pro LED sewing machine makes the perfect addition to any home or office!

Brother FS210 Pro LED Sewing Machine

Brother Industries is a Japanese brand that specializes in sewing and embroidery machines. This company has been around since the beginning of the twentieth century, and has been trusted for generations to produce durable and reliable sewing machines. Brother has been at the forefront of the industry for years, so you can be sure that buying a Brother sewing machine will be a sound investment that will serve you and your projects for years to come.

Brother FS210 Pro LED Computerised Sewing Machine with Extension Table & 3 Year Warranty

Do not let this lightweight, simple looking sewing machine fool you; the Brother FS210 sewing machine is extremely efficient and up for almost any task. This sewing machine comes with a quick set bobbin system, auto needle threader, and simple stitch selection that makes it extremely easy to use. There are 210 built-in stitches, which means that you can let your creativity run wild. There are even 8 types of one-step buttonholes, which is a feature that many comparable sewing machines cannot boast. There are also two alphabet styles that you can employ for a personalized finish to all of your projects.

In addition to all of its built-in features, the Brother FS210 sewing machine also comes along with 13 sewing feet and a wide table. It has a drop feed 7-point system for smooth and efficient fabric feeding. In addition to this, it also comes with a free-arm and slide type speed control. This particular sewing machine also comes with several additional features:

  • The Brother FS210 comes with an extra bright LED light that allows you to see what you are stitching at all times.
  • Since it comes with 13 different sewing feet, you will be able to create clothing using different techniques. These feet include a binding foot, a gathering foot, a five groove pin tuck foot, a straight stitch food, a zipper and piping foot, and a non-stick foot.

Brother FS210 Pro LED Computerised Sewing Machine with Extension Table & 3 Year Warranty


  • This sewing machine boasts incredible value for money; it is much less expensive than comparable machines of similar abilities.
  • The exterior of the Brother FS210 sewing machine is sleek and attractive, but it is also extremely durable as well.


  • This sewing machine does not come with a handle for easy transport.

The Brother FS210 sewing machine is great for people at any level, but all of the added features are great for someone at the top of their craft. Since there are so many stitch types, the possibilities really are endless and only limited by your own imagination. This machine is great for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. The Brother FS210 sewing machine will be in your family for years, and perhaps even generations.



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