Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine Review 2023 - 2024

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Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine Review

With Brother pushing out one iconic domestic sewing machine after another, competing with other big name brands like Singer who are producing just as many models, it can be easy to get lost in the mayhem.

While these brands do also produces specialised machines, Brother is mostly known for its domestic, home based sewing machines. This review will focus on one of their more popular models, giving you all the essential information to decide if this is the machine for you.

Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine with Instructional DVD, 17 Stitch

What Does This Model Feature?

Just like all of Brother's models, this machine has a traditional metal chassis at its core. This rigid metal framing provides the machine with added stability while supporting the numerous mechanisms that are needed to keep the machine running smoothly.

This machine features a drop in bobbin system which comes with an automatic bobbin feature which saves you from having to manually wind the bobbin. This can be confusing and time consuming especially for newbies so this is a very helpful feature.

You are able to easily change the tension of your top thread due to a tension dial on the front of the machine. This means that you are able to change the strength of your stitch preventing it from becoming frail.

This machine also includes a twin needle which can be used for advanced sewing skills and techniques such as creating parallel and decorative stitches. Having this twin needle also means that your work has the ability to look more professionally finished.

Equipped with a 51 watt motor, while this machine may be considered a beginners machine it does have the ability to sew through multiple layers of fabric with ease. While this motor is less powerful than quilting machine motors, you are still able to successfully test your quilting skills out while using this model.

A free arm is provided for those more hard to reach areas you wish to stitch such as cuffs or sleeves. This makes it easier for you as a sewer to experiment with these techniques without the limitations that other machines may provide.

The inbuilt LED light ensures that no colours are distorted as you choose your thread to guarantee no unexpected surprises when you come to finish your project. Powered by the machine, there will be no need to change the bulb or provide it with a different power source.

A reverse sewing lever allows you to easily lock your stitches off. This allows you to sew forwards and backwards to secure your stitches and add strength to the end and beginning of your stitches.

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What Stitches Are Included With The AE1700?

While many of Brothers other models only include fourteen stitches, this machine offers seventeen stitches which are easily selected via the jog dial. This dial gives you clear images of the varied stitches provided so you can choose the right one to match your needs.

This beginners machine is equipped with several basic stitches to get you sewing instantly, even if this is your first experience with a machine. A couple of variations of the straight stitch allows you to create simple but elegant looking edges while keeping your work secure.

Decorative stitches are also included for when you feel more confident with your machine and wish to spread your creative wings. Numerous zig zag stitches are given to you so that you can make your work look more interesting while also ensuring that the fabric does not fray.

A four step buttonhole stitch gives you the ability to create professional looking buttonholes with ease and accuracy every time, a key tool for those of you who wish to explore dressmaking.

Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine with Instructional DVD, 17 Stitch

Does This Model Come With Any Accessories?

This machine comes with an array of accessories to keep your creativity going. These include:

  • Zig zag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Set of needles
  • Darning plate
  • Spare bobbins
  • Disc shaped screwdriver
  • Foot control
  • Instructional guide

As with all Brother models, this machine includes an instructional DVD which not only gives you a visual guide to setting up your machine but also shows you some basic sewing skills for those of you who are new.

Brother has also provided a three year manufacturer's warranty to ensure any breakages or faults with the machine are covered. However, if you optionally use metal bobbins instead of plastic ones then this will invalidate your warranty.

Why Should I Buy Brother?

Brother started out as a family rand business more than 100 years ago, so they know a thing or two about the average domestic environment. While building innovative, expertly designed sewing machines, they have kept the same values they started with to produce a practical and domestic sewing machine.

Their creativity has continued to improve time after time to release better equipped and all levels sewing machines that suit your sewing needs, whatever that may be. So no matter if you a beginner or a master sewer, there will be a Brother machine for you.

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Are There Any Common Complaints To Be Aware Of?

While this machine is marketed as a beginners machine, it is not light weight or easy to transport making it difficult to take to sewing classes or other activities of the sort. We recommend that if that is what you wish to do with your machines, you purchase a travel case for it as one is not provided.

Due to the fact that Brother have not provided this machine with an auto threader, the user has to set up the machine manually. While the instructional DVD not only tells you in detail how to do this as well as provide images guiding you along, many people have found the setting up process difficult due to the machines build.

Another complication is the tension adjustment. While this is a great feature to have, it can be tricky to get just right for the thread and the fabric you need. While it is supposed to aid your sewing needs, it can cause more problems if you struggle to use it as intended.

Is This Sewing Machine For Me?

This machine is the ideal beginner's machine. Not only is it relatively cheap to buy, but it also provides you with a range of features that will help you along your creative journey. These skills are only aided by the instructional, DVD that guides you through the process of not only setting up the sewing machine but also making that very important first stitch.

This machine is also equipped to make a great dressmaking machine. While you may not be able to produce the most complex work, you will be able to make basic but professional looking items of clothing with ease.

Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine with Instructional DVD, 17 Stitch
  • 17 Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Drop in bobbin
  • LED Lighting - never replace a bulb
  • Quick and easy stitch selection
  • 4 step button hole



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