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Brother 1034d

So, are you in the market for a new overlocker sewing machine? Before you pull the trigger and spend your money, it is important to analyse a few aspects of which kinds of projects you will be doing. If you are looking to give your projects a more professional finish, then an overlocker will serve you perfectly. Even if you are an experienced sewer, an overlocker machine can be pretty intimidating if you have never used one before. Even the simple task of setting up a sewing machine can seem daunting. If you follow tutorials when you begin to use your new overlocker, then you will surely but slowly become an expert over time.

Overlocker machines are a great investment if you will be making clothing or doing some quilting, because the stitches are tight and secure; overlockers are known for producing high quality garments. Before you decide which machine you are going to purchase for these specific projects, take a look at the 1034d model from Brother.

Brother Overlocker 1034d

If you are looking for a high-quality, yet affordable overlocker machine, then look no further than Brother. Brother began in 1908 as a family company in Japan. The company perfected the mass production of sewing machines in 1932 and even introduced the first electric sewing machine to the consumer market in 1976. With over 100 years of experience, Brother has become a trusted name in the electronic sewing machine world. Brother is innovative and continues to produce top-quality, high-preforming machines for sewers of all skill levels. Today, the name 'Brother' is synonymous with high-quality, reliable sewing machines that last users a lifetime.

The Brother 1034d machine is a reliable machine that will not bust your budget. Brother overlockers are known the world over as safe, easy to use, reliable machines. It can handle all types of projects; from ruffles to decorative edges, this Brother overlock has you covered. The Brother 1034d model includes a differential feed that is able to work with extremely thin fabrics (like silk) or stretchy, thick materials (like elastic). This overlocker can be used for all sorts of projects including tablecloths, bridal gowns, formal wear, and even home decor like upholstery. Whatever project you want to use your new sewing machine for, the Brother 1034d can surely handle.

This model includes several key features that include:

  • Four thread feeds- This machine is a 3/4 serger, which just means that you have the option to use either three or four threads when you are sewing seams.
  • 22 stitch options- 22 stitches are included with this the Brother 1034d. While this is not an excessive amount of stitch types, these stitches will have you covered for nearly any project that you can think of. It has a 4 thread overlock, a 3 head overlock, a rolled hem, a ribbon lock, a narrow stitch, and even a speciality stitch function.
  • Removable free arm- A free arm is crucial for garment making of any kind, so it is great that the Brother 1034d includes one. It can be quickly and easily removed if it is in your way, or put back on if you need to sew a collar, sleeve, or trouser hem.

In addition to these spectacular features, you will also receive a few accessories with the purchase of a Brother overlock 1034d. These items include a multi-purpose guide foot and a gathering foot, which should suit all of your crafting needs. The gathering foot is especially handy if you plan on making pleated or ruffled garments or crafts.

Purchase of the Brother 1034d also includes a detachable foot controller, a soft dust cover, a starter set of needles, tweezers, a cleaning brush, a trim tarp, four spool nets, a hex wrench, and a cleaning brush. There are also some other features on the Brother 1034d overlocker that are smaller and less noticeable, but will make your crafting experience all the more enjoyable.

There is a LED light to illuminate your work area. This ensures you can always keep an eye on your project, no matter how great the light is in your work space itself. This Brother 1034d also has an attached on/off knife so that you can cut and trim your fabric whenever you fancy. The handy speed adjustment is also handy as it allows you to possess complete control over your speed. In addition to speed control, you can also adjust the foot pressure, which allows you to be even more creative with your future projects. This is an especially important feature, as foot pressure adjustability can make or break a project, as plenty of veteran sewers surely know.

The body of the Brother 1034d comes with a built-in storage space in which you can store all of your small sewing accessories. Keep your work area clear of clutter to ensure a tidy space. Purchase of the Brother 1034d also includes a 25 year warranty, which will put your mind at ease when it comes to repairs.

The average customer has noted that the Brother 1034d is relatively simple to use when compared to other overlocker machines, however it still has a wide range of uses. The differential feed that is an included feature on this machine is spectacular, as it allows the user to work with all kinds of different fabrics. Experienced sewers will know how important a good differential feed is to a sewing machine.

Furthermore, you are also able to change stitch width, which allows you to sew with ease and versatility. This machine utilises regular needles as opposed to specialised ones, which will save you a lot of cash in the long run. This machine also has adjustable stitch capability, which is an extremely vital feature for more experienced sewers.

Despite its small size, the Brother 1034d overlocker is surprisingly fast and strong. The Brother 1034d can reach speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute, which is incredibly speedy. One would think that the faster you stitch, the less control you have over your stitching. This is not the case with the Brother 1034d, however. Although it is super quick, you always have complete control over every project. It is so much easier to adjust the sewing speed on this machine than on a heavy-duty sewing machine.

The Brother 1034d also comes with a colour-coded looper threading system which is easy to learn. Once you figure out how to do it, you will marvel at how easy to thread the Brother 1034d is. The body of this particular model is basic, yet sleek. The white plastic casing is timeless and classic. It will be sure to match any craft room you happen to put it in.

Although the Brother 1034d is strong and efficient, it is also a bit weak in its construction. It should last the typical customer a few years, but if you are looking for a lifetime investment, then you should look elsewhere.

Also, the Brother 1034d is very noisy, especially when you are sewing at a fast speed. If you live in a shared house or apartment building, be prepared to receive some complaints from your neighbours. There is no sure way of fixing this problem 100%, however if you use some sewing machine oil on a regular basis, you can quiet it down a bit. Every device has its drawbacks, and the brother Brother 1034d is no exception.


  • The Brother 1034d allows the user to sew with either three or four threads, allowing for versatility and uniqueness to every one of your projects.
  • The feet are easily switched out on the Brother 1034d. Go from using the gathering foot to a piping foot with the simple press of a button.
  • The Brother Brother 1034d is extremely affordable and boasts incredible adjustability.
  • This machine also comes with a wide range of accessories and is able to use regular needles.
  • The instructional DVD that comes with this model is very easy to follow. This means that the learning period for this machine is super short, so you can get started right away with whatever new project you have in mind.


  • The Brother 1034d makes a lot of noise, especially when sewing at a fast pace, so if this is a concern of yours, you should perhaps consider another model.
  • This particular model does not come with a piping foot, which is a bit disappointing. This foot must be purchased separately.
  • The Brother 1034d only comes with two feet, however you can always buy another foot from the Brother website.
  • The controls on the Brother 1034d are on the left side of the machine, which may be a tough adjustment for those crafters who are used to the controls being on the right sides of machines.
  • One review has noted that rolled hems can only be accomplished with some fabrics and cannot be achieved with thick or heavy materials.

Once you weigh the pros against the cons of the Brother 1034d, you can finally decide whether it will make a sound investment for the future of your crafting projects. Yes, the Brother 1034d does have several faults, but for the price it is an incredibly reliable device that will service all of your needs for years and years to come. It is great for beginner and expert sewers alike as it comes with features that are suitable for all skill levels. Get your needle and thread and begin unique, individual projects with the Brother 1034d overlocker sewing machine.



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