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Putting your bobbin in your sewing machine is a crucial step to being able to create projects with your device. Once you can properly place a bobbin into your sewing machine, there is no limit to what you can create.

Whether you use your sewing machine for quilting, embroidery, or garment making, everyone should know how to place a bobbin.

Determine whether your sewing machine has a front loading or a top loading bobbin, then follow the matching instructions below. Take your time and make sure each step has been done correctly before moving onto the next.

Once you can properly thread your machine and place your bobbin, you can create almost anything on your sewing machine.

Front Loading Bobbin

If you have a front loading bobbin, here is how you should insert the bobbin into the bobbin case:

  1. Turn off the sewing machine.
  2. Raise the needle to its highest position. To do this, turn the handwheel towards you.
  3. Open the cover below the needle plate so that you can see the bobbin case.
  4. Open the bobbin case cover and remove it.
  5. Place the bobbin into the bobbin case, but leave a tail of thread of about 6 centimetres.
  6. While holding the lever of the bobbin case, slide it onto the hook pin. Now, let go of the lever and press it securely in place.
  7. Make sure that you leave the shuttle cover open until you thread the stop of the machine and draw up the now present bobbin thread from the bottom.

Top Loading Bobbin

Here is how to lace a bobbin into your machine if it includes a top loading bobbin:

  1. Turn off the sewing machine.
  2. Raise the presser foot.
  3. Ensure that the needle is in the highest position possible by turning the handwheel.
  4. Remove the cover plate of the bobbin.
  5. Place the bobbin into the bobbin case with the thread running a specific direction. This is machine dependent, but most machines come with a diagram printed onto the bobbin case to illustrate which way the thread should run.
  6. Pull the bobbin thread through the proper channels in the right order, making sure to leave a 6 centimetre tail.
  7. Place the bobbin cover plate onto the bobbin compartment.

How the Bobbin Works

What exactly is the bobbin needed for in a sewing machine?

As the needle of the sewing machine pierces the fabric, the shuttle hook located below the needle plate rotates and catches the thread. When the hook spins, it spreads out the thread and moves it around the bobbin.

The two threads this creates come together and form a stitch that holds the pieces of fabric together.

The purpose of the bobbin is to hold the thread that is held below the sewing machine needle. The thread goes up through the plate and connects with the top thread to create a stitch.

Bobbins can be bought by themselves and some of them even come threaded already. Modern bobbins are usually made of plastic, however some of them can be made from metal as well.

Bobbin Troubleshooting

Sometimes, thing can go wrong with the bobbin while sewing. Here are a few common problems that can be caused by the bobbin.

What is happening when the bobbin thread loops onto the top of the fabric?

When you can see bobbin thread coming through the top of the fabric, this probably means that there is not enough tension on the bobbin thread to hold it back.

To fix this, remove the bobbin and rethread it in order to achieve the correct tension.

Why is the machine skipping stitches?

The answer to this question may be as simple as re-threading and re-inserting your bobbin.

In addition to checking on the bobbin, be sure to change out your needle for a new one.

Why does the upper thread keep breaking?

There may be damage to the bobbin hook if this keeps happening. If this is the case, take your sewing machine to a professional for repair.

Why is the sewing machine humming?

If this is happening, your sewing machine may be jammed.

First, check to see if the bobbin winder has been left on. If so, be sure to pop it back up into position.

If the threads are jammed, you might need to cut a tangle and clear out the bobbin case before rethreading your entire machine. To do this, you will have to take off your needle plate cover in order to get to the bobbin case.

Fully check and clean the entire bobbin case area before resuming your sewing.

Why is the sewing machine so noisy?

A noisy machine is usually the result of tangled thread or a collection of lint or fuzz.

Try cleaning out the bobbin case and completely re-threading both the top thread and the bobbin thread.

Why is the sewing machine beeping?

A beeping alert can be heard from many sewing machines if the bobbin winder is still engaged. Make sure you turn it off before you start sewing again.

Why is the bobbin not winding evenly?

If you are winding your bobbin and you notice that it is not filling evenly, chances are that you have not placed the thread correctly around the bobbin winding tension spring. Place this thread again to correct this problem.

If this still does not fix the issue, try wrapping the bobbin thread around the tension spring a second time.

Why won't the sewing machine pick up the bobbin thread?

This can happen to even the most avid sewers, so have no fear.

First, make certain that the bobbin winding spindle has been pushed back all the way to the left before you begin sewing.

Next, ensure that your needle is inserted correctly and that your bobbin is not in the machine backwards. When threading, ensure that the presser foot is in the up position.

After reading our guide, you should have no problem placing the bobbin in your top loading or front loading sewing machine. Make sure you are always sewing with the correct bobbin for your particular machine and you should have a minimal amount of problems.

Happy sewing!

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