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Sewing Machine Needle Sizes – How To Identify Them

Sewing Needles vs Sewing Machine Needles: All you Need to Know We will discuss the process of identifying and selecting sewing machine needles, all the basics and tips into this one blog! The top two mistakes that people make is: Using generic needles which may not be compatible with the machine you’ve bought. Using generic […]

What Does An Overlocker Do On A Sewing Machine?

What Does An Overlocker Do On A Sewing Machine? For a beginner sewer, sewing machines can be slightly intimidating and overwhelming. While there are usually user manuals that come with each sewing machine you purchase, they do little in explaining the function of each individual part of your machine. Even if you are an experienced […]

How To Use An Embroidery Machine

Brother L14

Embroidery Machine Tips & Techniques Embroidery machines can appear quite complicated if you aren’t used to them. There is so much jargon in online descriptions and long complicated instructions which makes the whole embroidery process more confusing than it needs to be. If you are interested in buying an embroidery machine but you’re not quite […]