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How To Use An Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine Tips & Techniques Embroidery machines can appear quite complicated if you aren’t used to them. There is so much jargon in online descriptions and long complicated instructions which makes the whole embroidery process more confusing than it needs to be. If you are interested in

How To Set Up A Sewing Machine

Setting Up To Sew! Maybe you’ve had a sewing machine lurking in storage for ages, or perhaps you’ve just bought the machine and you’re looking to use it for the first time, but either way there is a problem. You have the machine,  but you don’t know

When Was The Sewing Machine Invented?

The History Of The Sewing Machine The question of when the sewing machine was invented or who invented it is a subject of debate because there were a few machines invented during the industrial revolution which may or may not fit the description. Do you accredit the