Best Sewing Machines For Beginners – Top 3 In 2018 – 2019

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit

Janome J3-24 24 Built In Stitching Choices, Rotating Arm For Flexibility Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Brother L14 14 Stitches, LED Sewing Light, 3 Year Warranty Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Toyota ECO15CG 15 Stitches, Built In Sewing Light, 3 Year Guarantee Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Best Beginner Sewing Machines

The art of sewing has become extremely under-utilised in recent years, with the general stereotype of only grannies using such machines. Despite the fact that the stereotype is grossly incorrect, the ability to sew is one that can very much be helpful in life. Luckily, now is as good a time as any to learn how to sew, and these sewing devices are the three that I would recommend to any beginner.

Janome J3-24 Review – Number 1

Best Sewing Machines For BeginnersThe first product I would like to recommend is the Janome J3-24 (VIEW PRICE HERE!). Although quite expensive, you’ll find that you will be getting good value for your money. A rustic look it may have, but its expansive feature set is more than reason enough to consider buying a Janome J3-24 sewing machine. Out of all the features the Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine has, these are the few that stood out to me.

    • 24 built in stitching choices giving the end user the maximum amount of versatility and customisability.
    • The stitch width and length can be customised to perfection by the sewer, making sure that the end result is one that the sewer is particularly happy with.
    • The arm of the Janome J3-24 can be rotated to give the sewer the maximum amount of flexibility when sewing. This is especially useful when sewing a large piece of fabric.
    • A built in carry handle making the Janome J3-24 easy to take on the go.



Brother L14 Review – Number 2

Brother L14The next product that I would like to recommend is the Brother L14. The Brother L14 Sewing machine is perfect for beginners for several reasons, but the relatively low price tag is certainly one factor that should be considered heavily when purchasing it. It’s far cheaper, but you must be aware that the cheaper price does translate to a slightly slimmer feature set, speaking of which, these are the features that stood out to me.

  • A DVD is included with the Brother L14 Sewing Machine which helps guide the novice sewer how to use the machine as well as giving the user some basic starting tips.
  • A particularly compact device, making it quite easy to store in cupboards etc.
  • Comes with a pedal, 3 needles and 3 bobbins.
  • An LED light giving important feedback to the user.



Toyota ECO15CG Review – Number 3

Toyota ECO15CGTo any beginner sewer, they might find it odd that the car company Toyota makes sewing machines of all things. It may surprise you to hear then that Toyota are actually quite fearsome competition in the sewing market, and their brand is almost always a sign of brand quality. The Toyota ECO15CG Ergonomic Sewing Machine has quite a few features to brag about, and these are the few that particularly stood out to me.

  • 15 stitches.
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for the ever moving sewer.
  • A built in advisor will help any novice understand the basic principles of thread tightness etc. making it ideal for the novice.
  • The built in sewing light can seamlessly convert from a free arm formation to a flatbed which is particularly apt to sewing circularly.
  • A three year guarantee from the manufacturer meaning if you accidentally break it, you’ll be given a replacement in no time, a sign that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of their product.




Overall, all of these sewing machines would be great for any novice sewer, but in my eyes the winner is certainly he Janome J3-24. Despite its rustic look, it won’t let any novice down for years to come and its features offer the most customisability and versatility out of all of the sewing machines I have recommended.


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